Meet our Team

Dr. Daniel

Cosmetic Dentist

Meet Dr. Daniel, a uniquely creative dentist who goes beyond the ordinary. Unlike your typical dental experience, Dr. Daniel adds a touch of humor to make your visit enjoyable. Raised by the beach, he has a deep appreciation for the outdoors, indulging in activities like hiking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. During his leisure time, you'll find him on the basketball court, showcasing his passion for the game. If he wasn't crafting healthy smiles, Dr. Daniel would likely be pursuing a career as a professional basketball player!


Patient Coordinator

Meet Angie, a devoted mother of two who finds joy in engaging her children in exciting activities. With a genuine love for people, Angie values authentic connections with her patients. In her free time, you'll discover her immersed in various activities with her kids, whether it's exploring new adventures. Angie's appreciation for the beauty in life is evident, and her eagerness to learn new things reflects her vibrant spirit.


Patient Concierge

Meet Julia, a beacon of happiness and joy that radiates positive energy wherever she goes. With an infectious smile, she effortlessly lights up any room she enters. Julie is not only a dedicated mother to her 9-year-old, but she's also a passionate traveler with a unique experience of living in Europe before calling the USA home for the past 15 years. In her free time, Julie embraces cross fit and channels her creativity into oil art.


Right Hand Assistant

Meet Luke , he serves as the right-hand assistant to Dr. Daniel, bringing over 7 years of dedicated experience to the team. Regarded as an encyclopedia in his field, Luke, a dentist from Ukraine, is deeply knowledgeable. He takes pleasure in building meaningful connections with patients, engaging in beautiful and open-hearted conversations. After attaining his dental degree he made a decision to move to the United States about 10 years ago, to pursue his dental education. Luke has a passion for the outdoors, plays the piano, and has lots of experience in ballroom and Latin dancing . He maintains an active lifestyle by hiking.


Left Hand Assistant

Meet Ylli, a licensed dentist, hails from Prishtina, Kosovo. He is presently collaborating with Dr. Daniel, providing assistance while actively enhancing his understanding of the profession and gaining firsthand experience with patients in the dental chair. During his leisure time, Ylli enjoys reading, listening to rap music, and playing soccer. His love for living in America is complemented by his enthusiasm for exploring and learning about new cultures different from what he's accustomed to.